Tanya and Robert

Our Story

Every adventure has a starting point, and for us that happened to be at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here in Atlanta. At the time, Tanya was a health communications specialist who loved to cruise the intown neighborhoods in her sporty Alfa Romeo Spider, and Robert was a bookish GA Tech graduate looking to make a start in the fields of design and technology.

We started with a friendship, first at the office and shortly thereafter in the real world. First we discovered that we shared a similar sense of humor, one that leaned towards impromptu office pranks and silly Internet videos. In longer conversations, we also learned that we shared similar values about the world and improving the social good.

After a year together at the CDC, Robert was preparing to move onto a new job opportunity...but he knew that he wanted to keep seeing more of Tanya! We had an official date at a Nina Simone tribute concert in a small, intimate venue, and it was the first of many great dates to come.

That was our beginning, and over the past ten years, we’ve enjoyed experiencing this world together - whether traveling, seeing music, being outdoors, riding bikes or simply napping on the patio. We spent many years getting to know each other, our interests, causes, friends and family.

So now we’ve decided to take the plunge and get married! One rainy November night before dinner at Tanya’s favorite restaurant, Robert proposed on his knee and held his breath. Tanya said “yes, of course” and here we are --- excited to share many more decades of adventures together!
Ariel Rutland